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#5 Marketing mediums: Events

A marketing or PR event is a planned occasion where your company invites outside parties to attend an event which informs/interests these parties in your products or services.
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#4 Marketing mediums: word-of-mouth

Word-of-mouth is not just one person talking to another about a product, now with the internet there are other methods of getting the same benefits as traditional word-of-mouth.
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#3 Marketing mediums: Digital marketing

What is digital marketing and why has this type of marketing taken the world by storm?
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EPS Software Engineering AG is the ideal partner for your software projects. With about 50 employees, EPS is one of the largest independent software developers in Eastern Switzerland. This size not only guarantees stability, continuity, extensive know-how and proven experience, but it also stands for optimal organization and infrastructure. At the same time we are small enough to be flexible, efficient and personal.
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Mobile apps, web applications, HMI's, etc. for digitization.
Since 1971 EPS has stood for professional software development with focus on applications in technical environments.



Technical software - from one source.
Our services cover all aspects of software engineering. From feasibility to development and lastly, to operations. This makes us a competent solution partner for your needs.



Exciting projects provide an insight into our work. Let our references convince you.


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