Internet of things based on MS Azure or Swisscom

IoT - User needs that generate sales

Internet of things (IoT) is a broad term. For example, the Millionen-Projekt and the dashboard for a trade fair are among our references. Our scope of services gives you the certainty that EPS can and wants to be both large and small. Industry 4.0, IoT, Predicted Maintenance, Artificial Intelligence etc. are no foreign words for us. Convinced? We would be happy to support you in developing the business model, planning and implementing your solution.

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Conquer new markets through an agile approach

Develop business model

Specify MVP

Design of the system architecture

Implementation of the components

Business-Model, Design Thinking

Experienced lateral thinkers

Experienced lateral thinkers is one characteristic, the second would be experienced entrepreneurs. This combination unites creativity, free spirit, process thinking and a feeling for the feasible. If there is also a deep understanding of computer science and mathematics, the result is a brilliant mixture. Unfortunately, these minds do not exist like sand on the beach. But EPS is in the lucky position to have one of these lateral thinkers in their ranks.

Christian Schmid
Christian Schmid
M.Sc. Informatics ETH Zürich
T +41 71 914 40 64

Requirements for engineering - Specify MVP

What do the users want?

This is one of the most important questions at the beginning of your product development. You are best able to assess your customers need/s. But we can help you to focus on the essential aspects and find the abstraction level appropriate for your product. The definition of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is the main result of requirements engineering. 

Please contact us as we will be happy to help you develop the MVP.

Roland Spycher
Roland Spycher
Dipl. Ing. ETH
Product Manager «Solutions» Project Manager

One thousand and one applications

Basic IoT Framework for concern

As a Group, Bühler AG intends to offer dozens of digital services in the future. This requires a stable foundation. At the same time, the management rightly wants to test products for their market response as quickly as possible. Building the basic IoT framework in this area of conflict is a huge challenge that the international team has to face. EPS employees are active in the role of product owner, SCRUM master, software architect, software engineer, DevOps engineer, etc.


Complex facts

Divide and rule 

The Romans already established this fact. Complicated things can only be controlled by dividing and ruling. In the IoT area there are many components, participants and users and it is therefore necessary to have employees with a love for structuring and process design in the team. The mix of skills, such as Scrum Master and Product Owner, coupled with experience from other IoT projects is optimal. The members of the EPS team have exactly these skills.

Martin Mayer
Martin Mayer
Dipl. Ing. HTL
CQO||QA Representative||Project Manager
T +41 71 914 40 62

CONSULTING System Architecture

Overview and attention to detail

In projects with minimal functionality, e.g. a dashboard for a trade fair, a clever system architecture is essential, because our customer wants to keep costs as low as possible. So the solution must consist of cost-effective and feasible components. One of the references is therefore, based on the Swisscom-IoT solution. But only with an overview and attention to detail can such a project be successfully implemented. Do you have a similar setup? Then a discussion with us should be worthwhile.

Daniel Schippers
Daniel Schippers
Dipl. Ing. FH
Head of Solution Software Development
T +41 71 914 40 78


Everything under control

In order to survive on the market, many machine manufacturers decide to offer their machines as a combination in complete systems. At the same time, the keywords IoT, Industry 4.0, etc. have to be filled with life. The EPS customer Soudronic was in this situation and together with EPS has realized a system and IoT product. First production lines are in operation and help to improve the systems with further customer requirements. Exciting?



Logistics system including app

Information is the oil of the digital economy and that is exactly what the App. It supplies the scheduler and the driver and ensures smooth operations. In addition to recording performance via CAN bus, the app automatically reads the digital tachograph and the LSVA device. In this way, the dispatcher has access to the current conditions regarding the driver's work and rest time regulations (ARV) in the form of graphics. Decisions, such as placing additional orders, can thus be made with foresight and without later consequences (e.g. violation of the ARV). This app is also based on Xamarin and the EPS library set and thus benefits from reused components.


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