13. Oktober 2020

#7 Marketing strategy for your industry

Marketing strategies include everything from goals to budget to the plan-of-action. Before you start…
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29. September 2020

# 6 How to evaluate/monitor your marketing strategies

The point of marketing strategies is that at the end you can reveal to stakeholders what your efforts…
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15. September 2020

#5 Marketing mediums: Events

A marketing or PR event is a planned occasion where your company invites outside parties to attend an…
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02. September 2020

#4 Marketing mediums: word-of-mouth

Word-of-mouth is not just one person talking to another about a product, now with the internet there…
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17. August 2020

#3 Marketing mediums: Digital marketing

What is digital marketing and why has this type of marketing taken the world by storm?
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03. August 2020

#2 Marketing mediums: Traditional Marketing

What were the standard marketing platforms before we had the internet? Some of these tools/platforms…
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08. Juli 2020

#1 What is marketing?

Every company, in any industry, needs to know how to successfully market their products/services but…
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04. Februar 2020

Allrounder Jira

Jira is only useful for the software development department? If you think so, you should read the following…
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16. Januar 2020

Product launch of the Easy Confluence Translator

Today, January 16, 2020 EPS released its Easy Confluence Translator on the Atlassian Marketplace.
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01. Januar 2020

Christian Schmid new CEO

The Board of Directors has elected Christian Schmid as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of EPS Software…
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05. November 2019

Photovoltaic system installed and in operation

In the future EPS will produce a part of its power consumption with the new photovoltaic system.
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