13. Mai 2024

EPS at Atlassian 24 | Las Vegas

Join EPS Software Engineering AG on their vibrant journey through Atlassian 24 in Las Vegas. Discover…
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04. März 2024

Ski Weekend 2024

We started the EPS ski weekend in Savognin on Friday with snow and fog. Motivated and looking forward…
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21. Februar 2024

Contact Sessions OST | March 20, 2024 | Campus Rapperswil-Jona

Take off with us! Visit us at booth no. 27 (building 1, 1st floor) and find out more about the exciting…
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21. Februar 2024

Conecto ZHAW | March 7, 2024 | Winterthur - We are part of it!

Around 200 companies are represented at Switzerland's largest university contact fair in Winterthur.…
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23. November 2023

The embroidery industry on its way into the digital age

The new monitoring app, a collaboration with Bernina software developers, meets defined requirements…
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29. September 2023

Eastern Switzerland Technology Symposium 2023

It was a great pleasure to witness the bustling crowd at last week's Eastern Switzerland Technology Symposium…
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28. September 2023

filMint -Workshop

EPS had the privilege of participating in the filMint workshop as a partner company, offering a glimpse…
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26. September 2023

Hiking and Biking 2023

Once again we experienced two wonderful biking and hiking days in Schanfigg. On Friday we drove to Arosa…
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06. September 2023

10 Powerful Tips for Ensuring Project Management Success

Project management is a difficult task that calls for a knowledgeable and flexible strategy to tackle…
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17. August 2023

A blueprint for success

Customer feedback is a goldmine of insights for any business, but for those facing a turnaround situation,…
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10. Juli 2023

Bike To Work 2023

Bike to Work is a Swiss-wide campaign promoting health and sustainability.
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28. Juni 2023

EPS Summer Competition 2023

"And the Winner is..."
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23. Juni 2023

Annual Barbecue 2023

Regional flavours and unforgettable memories made this barbecue one to remember!
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08. Juni 2023

EPS Academy

With our EPS Academy, we have been promoting our young talent for years. With our EPS Academy, we have…
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25. Mai 2023

Fantasy Basel 2023

Cosplay, Comic, Gaming & Film Be there at the most beautiful and versatile con in Switzerland!
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16. Mai 2023

AVM Progressa 2023

We at EPS Software Engineering AG are thrilled to announce our attendance at the AVM Innovations AG Progressa…
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10. Mai 2023

Risk Management

At EPS, we believe that effective risk management requires a systematic approach to risk identification,…
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16. März 2023

Ski Weekend 2023

On Friday morning still in the sunshine with a unique mountain panorama, Braunwald showed itself on Saturday…
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02. März 2023

Conecto ZHAW

At EPS Software Engineering AG, we are constantly searching for exceptional talent.
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20. Januar 2023

Retirement aperitif

Many thanks to all of you who took part in the aperitif - you who shape the culture of the EPS and will…
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04. Oktober 2022

EPSza Launch

It was nice and exciting to meet our South African partners and to socialize with some new faces.
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06. September 2022

Hiking and Biking

We took many beautiful memories with us from our biking/hiking day.
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19. August 2022

Bike To Work 2022

Bike to work is a Swiss-wide health promotion campaign. This year over 2800 companies have registered,…
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17. August 2022

Work-Life-Balance: Sport at EPS

We all know that striking a balance between work and life can be difficult, but at EPS, we believe it's…
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01. Juli 2022

The Annual Barbeque Is Back

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08. Juni 2022


EPS is officially a member of the Production and Technology Network in Switzerland. EPS is hosting an…
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22. März 2022

Conecto ZHAW

On 3 March 2022, EPS Software Engineering AG took part in Connecto ZHAW, the largest university career…
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28. Februar 2022

BASTA! 2022

From 21 to 25 February, EPS Software Engineering AG attended BASTA! 2022– the top independent conference…
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14. Februar 2022

Ski Day

During an early morning in February, the EPS Software Engineering AG team departed for their much-anticipated…
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30. September 2021

EPS Celebrates its 50th Anniversary

EPS is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and as part of the celebration, the company took a two-day trip…
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20. September 2021

Atlassian Blog #12: IoT The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things – or IoT for short. What is IoT? How does IoT work? What are the applications…
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06. September 2021

Atlassian Blog #11: UX and UI in Software Development

UI and UX are both vital aspects of software development, and (whether together or individually) they…
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25. August 2021

Atlassian Blog #10: What Makes a Great Scrum Master

Becoming a Scrum Master is challenging by itself. Being a good one is something that requires a little…
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12. Juli 2021

Atlassian Blog #9: 5 trends in digital transformation

Over the course of 2020 and 2021, we have seen our lives change dramatically. This is especially true…
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28. Juni 2021

Atlassian Blog #8: Will coding become automated?

We live in an age where many aspects of our lives are automated. With advances in AI and ML, we now question…
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18. Juni 2021

Nufatron Merges with EPS

Additional power and higher competencies are the advantages for you and for us, which result from the…
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24. Mai 2021

Atlassian Blog #7: How to make life easier as a project manager

Project managers are generally very organised and efficient people. However, they can also experience…
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17. Mai 2021

Atlassian Blog #6: Burnout in the software industry

Burnout is a real issue in the software industry – so much so that the workaholic, obsessive coder has…
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19. April 2021

Atlassian Blog #5: Software Testing

Perfect software does not exist without testing. Developing perfect software takes time. Additionally,…
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29. März 2021

Blog #4 - Mobile Apps vs Web Apps

It's often difficult to decide if you should invest in a web app or a mobile app. This article explains…
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04. März 2021

Atlassian Blog #3: Jira

Project Management Tools are a major growth area in ICT. At EPS, we are proud to offer Atlassian’s Jira…
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21. Januar 2021

Atlassian Blog #1: QMS

QMS is a key tool of modern business. Designed and implemented correctly, a QMS is at the heart of a…
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27. Oktober 2020

Introducing Confluence

Workshop, best practices, introduction - our experts master all of this and pass on their knowledge to…
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13. Oktober 2020

Marketing Blog #7: Marketing strategy for your industry

Marketing strategies include everything from goals to budget to the plan-of-action. Before you start…
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29. September 2020

Marketing Blog #6: How to evaluate/monitor your marketing strategies

The point of marketing strategies is that at the end you can reveal to stakeholders what your efforts…
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15. September 2020

Marketing Blog #5: Events

A marketing or PR event is a planned occasion where your company invites outside parties to attend an…
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02. September 2020

Marketing Blog #4: Word-of-mouth

Word-of-mouth is not just one person talking to another about a product, now with the internet there…
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17. August 2020

Marketing Blog #3: Digital marketing

What is digital marketing and why has this type of marketing taken the world by storm?
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03. August 2020

Marketing Blog #2: Traditional Marketing

What were the standard marketing platforms before we had the internet? Some of these tools/platforms…
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08. Juli 2020

Marketing Blog #1: What is marketing?

Every company, in any industry, needs to know how to successfully market their products/services but…
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04. Februar 2020

Allrounder Jira

Jira is only useful for the software development department? If you think so, you should read the following…
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16. Januar 2020

Product launch of the Easy Confluence Translator

Today, January 16, 2020 EPS released its Easy Confluence Translator on the Atlassian Marketplace.
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