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Lean and agile methods to building new customer services

Digitization offers endless opportunities to generate new customer services and develop innovative business models. In most cases, the basis is the customer portal (or company portal). The development of the list of services and their evaluation is a challenge for most. EPS specialists have already successfully supported many customers (SMEs and corporations) on this journey with their experience and broad know-how. When the day-to-day business makes it difficult to focus, an external "driver" with a new perspective ensures goal-oriented progress. We guarantee that with us, you are in the best hands.

The evaluation of these services has brought to light the highest customer needs. Now it is time to develop the business model canvas and define the MVP (minimum viable product), the personas and the target groups. In parallel, the system architecture can be designed and "challenged" by the various stakeholders. These methods have proven themselves in countless cases and EPS is fortunate to have employees with these skills in its ranks.

If you are now thinking that this will only happen in the rarest of cases, we are 100% with you. For this reason, you should make sure that your new customer portal is created on the basis of an extremely flexible and yet secure modular system such as the EPS Micro Service System. Using our services your customer portal will be able to absorb future extensions, adaptations and changes and your image will not be tarnished by a "data leak" . Furthermore, wherever your system comes into contact with the outside world, you should pay attention to established standards (eg OpenID) .

Quite challenging however, EPS provides these services and security. We looks forward to hearing from you!

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Customer portal - the path to new services

Realization of the MVP on the basis of the EPS Micro-Service System

Elaboration of the system architecture

Development of the use cases, the personas, the target groups and the MVP

Creation of the Business Model Canvas

Ideation for the generation of new business models

Lean Innovation

Think big, Start small, Learn fast

With EPS Microservice System you can realize your first MVP in a few weeks, generate feedback from your customers incredibly fast, be ready to grow the system and all based on today's required security standards.


Ideation - Brainstorming, Brain-writing, Design Thinking

New services - but how?

The book Ideation: The Birth and Death of Ideas (Graham and Bachmann, 2004) suggests the following methods of innovation:

  • Derived idea
  • Symbiotic idea
  • Revolutionary idea
  • Accidental discovery
  • Targeted innovation
  • Artistic innovation
  • Philosophical idea
  • Computer aided discovery

From EPS's point of view, "Solution to the problem", "Derived idea" and "Symbiotic idea" quickly lead to a respectable list of ideas. Of course, brainstorming, brain-writing, design thinking, etc. can then lead to further exciting ideas on this basis.

Christian Schmid
Christian Schmid
M.Sc. Informatics ETH Z├╝rich
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Business Model Canvas

Discussion - Creativity - Analysis

Excerpt from Wikipedia: Business Model Canvas can be printed on a large surface so that groups of people can begin sketching and discussing business model elements together using post-it notes or board markers. It is a practical tool that promotes understanding, discussion, creativity and analysis.

The EPS expert is happy to act as facilitator, contributing his or her experience and providing an outsider perspective. You should not miss this opportunity.


Minimum viable product (MVP)

Build - Measure - Learn

The definition of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is intended to achieve two goals: To be released in a short amount of time onto the market with a product in order to learn and thus, minimize the entrepreneurial risk, and to be able to design the possibility of adapting and extending the product based on customer feedback. Sounds complicated and can also be expressed with the reiteration of "Build - Measure - Learn".

EPS has helped many customers in the past define their MVP, personas and target groups.


System architecture

Decomposition - Interfaces - Data Catalog

The system architecture provides the components, interfaces and data catalogs. Standards, purchasable components, etc. play an important role and must be taken into account in the analysis and design of the system architecture.

Reviews with experienced system engineers are essential. This is because inadequacies and errors have an enormous negative impact on the following project phases and should definitely be discovered.

Thanks to EPS system engineers, you can supplement the analysis and design of your system architecture with an external view or put it to the test with the help of an experienced review.

EPS Micro Service Architecture (Basis OpenID etc.)

Flexible - Secure - Standardized

Thanks to the EPS Micro Service architecture, your customer portal or customer app is realized in a few weeks and is being tested for selected beta customers. So you are able to swiftly get the first feedback on your new customer services. And neither security nor localization etc. fall by the wayside. Because a possible "data leak" would have devastating consequences on your reputation and image, the EPS Micro Service architecture is based on open standards such as OpenID etc.

EPS experts will be happy to give you detailed technical insight and therefore, lay the foundation for a successful and sustainable partnership.



Reporting with security

Improvements to procedures and processes should only be made if the effects are visible. The reporting platform of our client LEP AG takes over the visualization of the effects and thus helps its clients (health care companies) to increase efficiency. Furthermore, the organizations can participate in the benchmark. To ensure that security and access to the data can be seamlessly controlled by LEP, it was decided to implement the reporting platform as a web application.

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