Human machine interface

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The products of our customers are among the world's top performers and the HMI is an important part of this. HMI's User Experience Design (UX) conveys the quality of the device or machine. Sophisticated algorithms help with optimisation and visual feedback. EPS employees can demonstrate all of this in cooperation with our customers. We wish you, the reader, exciting insights into our references.

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Implementation process HMIs

Vision - Personas of the HMI

UX Design - Developing the Wireframe

Implementation - Optimizer, VR, etc.

Simulators for tests

Experience, quick familiarisation and a view from outside

Knowledge of the customer domain?

EPS employees are able to familiarize themselves with the customer domain in a short lead time. They have trained themselves for this through countless customer projects and interactions. They also have a feel for HMIs and love technical applications. These aspects should also convince spark an interest in you, dear reader. Or should they not? You are welcome to talk to one of our regular customers and for a non-bias opinion.

René Zülli
René Zülli
Dipl. Ing. FH
Software Engineer
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No operating errors

Any operating error has an impact on the quality of the product. The Human-Machine-Interface (HMI) plays a decisive role in this respect; it should show the exact information required in every situation and only allow the necessary functions to be performed. Visualizations based on the configuration data help to check the parameterization and make incorrect entries immediately visible. This is also the case at EPS customer Tuboly-Astronic AG, which develops, produces and sells machines for winding electrical coils, among other things.



Always on the go

Passenger information displays in public transport are always on the move and are available in large numbers. This challenge means that everything has to work remotely, including maintenance. The robustness of the software has to meet very high demands in such a case. Special precautions must be taken, such as cyclically checking the connection to the server and setting the monitor to dark in case of interruption. A faulty software update would also be fatal. EPS employees love such challenges.
What challenges do you bring along?



Visual programming

Anyone who has had the opportunity to write CNC code knows that this is a real challenge for "occasional criminals". In addition, EPS customer Kellenberger wanted professional CNC programmers to be able to create good programs quickly and easily and then perfect them using the normal editor. The solution to this challenge was called visual programming. Both the workpiece and the tools can be selected visually via simple selection and parameterization templates during the compilation of the CNC sequence. Would you also like to make it easier for your customers to operate the machine? We are in the starting blocks.


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