Everything must be tested

Our software solutions are distinguished by their quality. We check our products with in-depth test case creation that analyzes all possible individualities.

For this, we use different procedures as well as a variety of tools.

Test plan, Test  design, test execution, test report

Testing Service

What does it take?

The picture on the left shows the test process with the phases of test planning, test design, test execution, test reporting and the associated artifacts. Of course, not all projects are the same so EPS has bigProject and smallProject in order to ensure that the quality stays constant and the costs do not fall outside of the budget.

Test Management Process

Testing cannot be an afterthought 

The testing process is downstream of the realization process and therefore, can often be overloked. With good foresight, a lot of experience and serious planning, however, this fact can be decisively defused.


Then test the EPS staff and bring our outside view into your organization.

White- and Blackbox testing

Automated White-, Black-box testing

Without - not possible!

White box testing is simply a part of EPS and automated. Different tools are used depending on the platform. These include; NUnit, Jest, MS Test, Xamarin UI Test, Selenium, JUnit, Mockito, Powermockito, AssertJ, Cypress, Mocha, Jasmine and Karma.

You do not need to know everything because at EPS the experience and knowledge is spread between many minds.

Performance testing

Do not make your users wait

The older ones among us may still know this saying. Make it running, make it right, make it fast, make it small. Make it fast is part of today's world otherwise, the "customer experience" of the product is likely to prevent market penetration. This is probably the main reason why EPS employees are allowed to let off steam with dockers, data center environments, huge amounts of data, along with many more.

Performance testing
Runtime Analysis

Runtime Analysis

What did you do - me? nothing.

Are you familiar with this voice dialogue? Here EPS does not rely on the user, but on tools like Microsoft HockeyApp, Firebase Analytics (Crashlytics), Google Analytics, log4net, log4j, MS Azure Application Insights, Ants Profiler, Android Profiler, Xamarin Profiler and Grafana. In the case of recurring problems, log files, screenshots, etc. are automatically collected and attached as zip files directly to the previously created ticket. Exciting, isn't it?

Endurance testing

Weekly restart recommended

You may know this recommendation from your smartphone. But with an industrial product this is often a real no-go. These kinds of shortcomings can only be identified through endurance tests. An example would be a temperature drift with effects on the accuracy of a measuring device, etc.

Do you have such challenges? EPS has the experience.