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At EPS, we believe that effective risk management requires a systematic approach to risk identification, assessment and control.

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Simplest Risk Identification, analysis and control

Risk Process Cycle

Risk management is a process that helps manage individual and overall risks in a proactive way. The goal is to minimize threats and maximize opportunities and outcomes, which increases the likelihood of success.

The risk process cycle begins with identifying risks, goes on to analyzing the risks, then when the risk is prioritized, a solution is implemented, and finally, the risk is monitored.

Risk matrix ISO 27001

The Risk Matrix

Risks can help you gain new insights and seize opportunities that might otherwise be lost. Calculated risk-taking can lead to new opportunities and insights for individuals and organizations.

By taking calculated risks, one can position themselves for success and growth.
So be prepared to take risks!

risk control and evaluation

Evaluate the Risk

In practice, this means that risk management in a QMS based on Confluence and Jira is supported by the creation of risk catalogs, risk assessment tables and risk management plans. The standardized approach allows risks to be effectively recorded, assessed and controlled.

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