Zulip - Chat for distributed teams

Real-time chat combined with mail threading

The whole world uses Whatsapp and or Slack. Why did EPS choose Zulip?

Zulip is open source. This means that any backdoors are very difficult to be discovered.

Zulip can be run on the systems you choose (self hosted). So you know exactly where your data is and of course all connections are encrypted with Hile from Certbot.

Zulip can be connected to your Active Directory, the Atlassian Crowd server, etc, and you can use your usual user management.

Thanks to the open source model there are no license costs so you only have to pay for operating the server.

In addition to the web application, desktop and mobile apps (Android and iOS) are available to users.

Functions such as mail-threading, marking messages, quoting and replying, inviting guests, etc. make the use efficient and clear for all employees in contrast to Slack.

Integration with Confluence, Jira Software, Bitbucket, Bamboo, Nagios, GitHub, and many other tools are a breeze.

Also for managers

Themes - the big difference

Zulip offers the advantages of real-time chat, but is also very well suited for asynchronous communication. Zulip is inspired by the very effective e-mail threading model: Every channel message has a subject, just like every message in e-mail has a subject line. (In Zulip, channels are referred to as streams).

Topics hold Zulip conversations together, just like subject lines hold email conversations together. They allow you to efficiently catch up on messages and reply in context, even to conversations that began hours or days ago.

macOS | Windows | Linux | Android | iOS

Everything the heart desires

Besides web applications, client applications for macOS, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS are available. Zulip can also be installed on your own systems. So you know exactly where your data is stored and thanks to Open Source, even backdoors are likely to be very, very difficult. So neither NSA, nor KGB, nor BND probably have a chance.

Consulting, installation, configuration, training

You can rely on us

Probably not one of your core tasks and Unique selling proposition (USP) is to install, configure and train a chat tool like Zulip. Leave these tasks to our specialists, who have already built up the experience and are happy to support you. Of course, we will present the advantages of Zulip to you in a non-binding presentation and in an interactive workshop we will bring your very special needs to light. Convinced?

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Raphael Vogt
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Who's behind all this?

Dropbox is behind Zulip. This is a big player and should strengthen your trust in Zulip.

In addition to an Active Directory, an Atlassian Crowd Server can also be connected. This makes user administration a breeze.

Permissions are regulated via the streams. Public and private streams are available.