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Rapid scaling with EPS Body Leasing

With body leasing, specialists such as requirements engineers/product owners, developers, testers or DevOps experts are hired by a company to contribute their diverse skills in various roles and disciplines. This model allows companies to react flexibly to their needs and deploy experts with specific know-how for tasks without making long-term commitments.

With our body leasing service, you gain access to an outstanding talent pool and highly qualified developers with in-depth experience, for example as:

Product owner

Specialists in high-end software development

Generalist in process management

General software engineering consulting

Frontend/backend developmen

DevOps Engineer and Tester


Why you stay ahead with Body Leasing

For companies that develop their own software solutions, the involvement of 10-30% external developers is a decisive factor:

Knowledge transfer:
When you hire external developers, you bring fresh expertise to your team, encourage ideas and innovation, and promote continuous improvement through different perspectives.

Agile resource management:
Peaks in demand are inevitable, but managing internal resources to cope with these peaks can be a challenge.

External developers provide flexibility to adjust staffing levels as needed and ensure optimal resource allocation.

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Talent pool of software developers

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Christian Schmid
Christian Schmid
M.Sc. Informatics ETH Zürich
T +41 71 914 40 64

The diversity of body leasing - voices from the field

In today's flexible working world, companies are increasingly turning to body leasing to meet their needs. We spoke to two of our employees who have been involved in this area for years. They gäve us a personal insight into their motivation, their successes and the challenges of this future-oriented working model.

Martin Mayer
Martin Mayer
Dipl. Ing. HTL
CQO||QA Representative||Project Manager
T +41 71 914 40 62

5 questions for Martin Mayer

7 questions for Jan Frei

Jan Frei
Jan Frei
B.Sc. Informatics
Software Engineer
T +41 71 914 40 73

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