Convey transparency

Have you ever had to worry about why a service no longer works?

If so, you know how unpleasant that is.

Give your customers an easy and quick way to find out about the reliability and status of your systems.

We would be happy to help you to create a status page.


Convey confidence

Are you a reliable and trustworthy company? - Of course I am.

Then reveal this to your customers and publish a status page.

For questions, requests and concerns, our employee Tobias Kappeler is happy to assist you.

Tobias Kappeler
Tobias Kappeler
Graduate in Business Information Technology FH
Head of Atlassian Team - Business Development
T +41 71 914 40 89

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  • Representation of reliability
  • User-friendly
  • Improvement of incident communication
  • Network of third-party components

Our references

Status page of EPS

Visibility of system maintenance

How do you convince your customers of the security and availability of your systems? EPS recommends the keyword transparency. Show your customers what you have done in the pasta and that will create trust. One way to do this in an easy and quick manner is the Atlassian product, Statuspage. EPS uses this for their systems and the link will take you to the service status page. On this page customers can register and will be informed about maintenance windows and more. The available channels include Mail, SMS, Webhooks, etc.

EPS Statuspage Incident example