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Beyond Beautiful Design

An appealing user interface (UI) design is a must these days.
But a beautiful appearance alone does not guarantee success.
An ideal user experience and efficient operation also require a good user experience (UX) concept.

We work on the basis of ISO 9241 standards for software ergonomics and incorporate the latest trends and developments in the areas of UX/UI in order to achieve the best possible result and combine a modern design with effectiveness, efficiency and user-friendliness.

We are happy to develop a complete UI for you, from the analysis, to a UX concept, to a UI design system and design templates, right through to the final implementation.
You are also welcome to make use of our services for individual sub-areas.

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UX/UI project workflow from EPS

Quality Assurance

UI Design & Prototype

Design System

UX Concept

Kick-Off & Research

what it takes


To understand what the goal of the application is, what the customer's vision is and what the target group actually needs, an analysis should always be carried out.

This includes, for example, getting to know the company, a market and target group analysis, interviews with the end users, and much more.
Depending on the project and budget, the most suitable methods are used to achieve the desired goal.

At the end of the analysis, the customer receives a range of documentation, diagrams and evaluations, which serve as the basis for the UX concept.


UX Concept

Once an analysis of the requirements and objectives has been carried out, a UX concept can be developed.

The focus here is particularly on the presentation of information, dialog design and usability, which is why a graphic design is dispensed with in this step and so-called wireframe mockups are used instead.

On the one hand, this saves time during implementation, directs the focus to the important things at this stage, such as the general structure and navigation of the software, and enables early testing of the concept for initial feedback.

Once all important use cases have been covered and the UX concept has been positively evaluated, the next phase can begin: UI design.

look and feel

UI Design

In UI design, the first step is to implement various drafts of the most important wireframe mockup, based on the corporate design and/or the desired impression that the software should convey.

Colors and shapes come into play here, as well as specific fonts and icons.
The aim is to give the customer as final an impression as possible of what the software could look like.

Once a design draft has been selected, a style guide is created with all the important details, and the other mockups are implemented.

Finally, the finished design templates are brought together in an interactive prototype that allows the customer and the testers to experience the software up close without the need for complex code implementations.


Quality Assurance

To ensure that both the UX concept and the UI design meet the requirements, we rely on early and regular quality assurance.

During each step of the process, we work closely with the client and regularly present our results to identify any problems or ambiguities at an early stage.

We also offer a range of usability tests that can be applied in both the UX concept phase and the UI design phase to obtain feedback from end users before implementation and to ensure user satisfaction and efficient use later on.

We know what is important

Experts with technical understanding

Our UX/UI specialists not only have a flair for good looks and the needs of end users, but also know the programming side of things.

They have a high level of technical understanding, experience in the implementation of software projects in a wide variety of areas, and know the possibilities and limitations of common software frameworks and platforms.

This prior knowledge also allows us to pay attention to technical feasibility and to design the style guide and design templates in such a way that all the important information for later implementation is available and the software developers know exactly what to do.

Laila Cursaro
Laila Cursaro
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