Engineering tools

Specialists and routine work?

Engineering tools help technical specialists to make their work easier, faster, more error-free and often executable as a whole. Most of the time the challenges are related to complex algorithms, distribution of work and online/offline activities.

As a customer, you are in the best hands with the EPS employees, as they know that only close listening and detailed understanding leads to success. Allow us to help your specialists to master their daily challenges more efficiently, faster and more reliably!

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On three continents

The company Burckhardt Compression, specialized in the production of piston compressors, gave EPS the order to realize the project management tool ProMa for the electrical department. The biggest challenge? The projects are being postponed back and forth between the sites due to capacity constraints. Preferred components are to be used locally, and this of course without violating standard and quality requirements.


Basis is an Excel file or Access application

What does a process detective do?

At least since the crime series, it is known that detective work is exhausting and challenging. Similar conditions apply if a process definition is only available as an Excel file or Access application. The EPS employees know such circumstances from experience and know how to deal with them very well. They apply a mixture of analysis and interview techniques of the users. This is how they get the information they need to transfer the process into your unique application.

Roland Spycher
Roland Spycher
Dipl. Ing. ETH
Product Manager Ā«SolutionsĀ» Project Manager


Optimize capacity utilization

The process specialists often know which screws to turn to further optimize the utilization. But without sophisticated optimization procedures, i.e. algorithms, this is impossible. This is where the EPS specialists come in. They work together to develop the key figures that need to be maximized. This is also the case for EPS customer Tuboly-Astronic AG in the case of the optimal loading of the sheet metal discharge table, a core cutting machine for the production of transformer cores.



Simulate and calculate

Own CAD/CAM systemFor a long time now, the cylindrical grinding machines from Kellenberger AG have not only been able to grind round contours, but almost any shape. In order to facilitate the process of creating and checking the travel commands, the CAD/CAM system KEL-SOFT was developed in cooperation with EPS.



Offline and yet online

A worldwide available price list that can be added to the existing product configurator. This is realized on the basis of Excel and with a simple user interface.

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