EPS Microservice System

Just add your business microservices!

The software industry has been talking about this for a long time - reusable building blocks. With the microservice architecture, the industry has now come very close to this promise. So you can rely on the EPS Microservice System to realize your business microservices and customize the CD / CI of the EPS Microservies by configuration. In addition, the EPS Microservices are based on open standards such as IdentityServer4, OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0, etc

EPS is happy to assist you with the realization of your business microservices and, our experts are ready to give you a deep insight into the microservice system.

Your Microservice System

Deploy to Azure, AWS, or your data center

Configuration of EPS Microservices, e.g. to your CD/CI

Realization of your business microservices

Requirements engineering of your business microservices

EPS Microservice System

That's what EPS brings!

The EPS Microservice System consists of prefabricated, configurable microservices, which can be adapted to your CD / CI. So that your dependency on EPS does not become a lock-in, you as a customer receive the source code for your application and in addition only a one-time fee is charged at the beginning of the process.

Via the link "MORE" below, you can get an idea of the already existing microservices (identity, reporting, notification etc.). We will be happy to present the possibilities to you live in a personal or online meeting.


Your business service as a microservice

Your Microservice - Your Contact

Your microservice or microservices make the difference. They are the ones that map your business and are to be realized by you together with EPS employees. EPS team leader, Daniel Schippers, together with his team support and accompany you in the phases of requirement engineering, realization and deployment.

This ensures that you and your business services can be made available to your customers in just a few weeks.

Daniel Schippers
Daniel Schippers
Dipl. Ing. FH
Head of Solution Software Development
T +41 71 914 40 78

EPS Identity Access Management

Identity Access Management

The EPS Identity Access Management Microservice is based on the open source IdentityServer4 project, OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0. The service supports:

  • Single sign-on (and out) across multiple applications
  • Administration of own users and the assignment of roles
  • Login via external providers like Active Directory of the domain, Azure AD, Google and Facebook (in the future)
  • Authorization of users with secure tokens for access to APIs
  • Use in various clients, such as MVC web applications, single-page applications, mobile apps and also desktop applications

EPS Reporting microservice


The Reporting Microservice is a centralized report control service based on the source project of the company, Progress Telerik. Some highlights of the reporting microservice:

  • Based on the complete .NET embedded reporting tool for web applications
  • Offers the complete feature set for report creation, styling and interactivity
  • Supports more than 15 formats - including Word, Excel, PDF, PPT, image, CSV etc.
  • Offers sophisticated features such as conditional formatting, tables of contents, custom interactivity actions, PDF security, events in all viewers, great report rendering, private fonts, continuous paper printing
  • Reports can be imported from the web as well as if they were created eg from the desktop or VisualStudio applications
  • An ASP.NET Core Web API + ASP.NET Core MVC application

EPS Push Notification


Together with the microservice push notification, EPS offers the mobile app in a first version. This app can be adapted or extended quickly, easily and efficiently. Thanks to the use of the Xamarin framework, both Android and iOS devices are supported.

So you are also well prepared in this area thanks to the microservice system and in no time you are able to offer your apps in the Google Play and Apple Store.



Reporting with security

Improvements to procedures and processes should only be made if the effects are visible. The reporting platform of our client LEP AG takes over the visualization of the effects and thus helps its clients (health care companies) to increase efficiency. Furthermore, the organizations can participate in the benchmark. To ensure that security and access to the data can be seamlessly controlled by LEP, it was decided to implement the reporting platform as a web application.