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Collaboration at the highest level

With a wide range of products and its universally applicable software solutions, Atlassian is suitable for almost all industries and company sizes.

EPS uses software from Atlassian for project management, requirement engineering, source code management, continuous integration, social intranet etc. As a licensed Atlassian Solution Partner and Atlassian Power User, we are one of the strongest Atlassian Solution Partners in Switzerland.

With our many years of experience and our roots in Eastern Switzerland, we are the right partner to support you in the changing process of digitization. Many customers have already placed their trust in us, and we were able to support and accompany them. We offer our services in German as well as in English.

Discover how and in which areas we have already used Atlassian products.



Smartes Teamwork

The powerful and user-friendly Enterprise Wiki provides a perfect environment to optimize team work and make it smart.

How can teamwork be improved in your company as well?

Discover why we are the right partner.



Everything for project management

Do you have an unstructured and messy task management?

Find out how this can be improved with the project management software Jira.


EPS Service

EPS provides support and service for all Atlassian products. Please contact us for more information.


Best customer support

Do your customers have the possibility to simply request help from you?

If not, discover how Jira Service Desk can provide optimal customer support.



Simple source code management

Complicated git repository and inflexible merge strategies...
thanks to Bitbucket you won't have these problems one day longer.

Find out how we can help you.


Finding solutions and support

Tailor-made solutions

Since 2013 we have been actively using the entire Atlassian product range, not only in project management but also in software development and sales. With this experience we can present to you a suitable solution for your company and subsequently implement it.

Tobias Kappeler
Tobias Kappeler
Graduate in Business Information Technology FH
Head of Atlassian Team - Business Development
T +41 71 914 40 89


Everything for software development

Don't bother with a complicated build server anymore but concentrate on the essentials. With Atlassian Bamboo, software deployment is easier than ever before.

Learn how we can help you.



Convey transparency

Convey transparencyHow are your customers informed about the current status of your systems?
Do your customers see how reliably your systems are available?

If you can't answer these questions, find out how Atlassian Statuspage can help.



Carefree through everyday life

Concentrate on the important things and leave the entire implementation to us which includes not only the installation and licensing, but a lot more. Important points are the entire configuration, the migration of data and the hosting. Of course we are able to mould these services for your specific needs.

Raphael Vogt
Raphael Vogt
B.Sc. Informatics
Atlassian Certified Professional
T +41 71 914 40 57


Simple user management

Unclear user management, countless user names and hundreds of different passwords, thanks to Atlassian Crowd never again.
Atlassian Crowd offers the possibility for a single sign-on and centralized login procedure.

Find out what support you get from us.



Simple order processing

Improving teamwork, that is exactly what Trello is perfect for.

The EPS company offers a comprehensive service in the area of Trello.

Discover why we are the right partner in the Atlassian area.



Chat for distributed teams

Zulip combines real-time chat with the email threading model. EPS can assist you in connecting to Crowd, MS Active Directory, etc. This allows you to fall back on your usual user management.

And thanks to "self managed" you know exactly where your data is. Furthermore, open source saves license costs and ensures that the backdoors for all interested parties have a hard time or even do not exist.

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