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Boost your Jira / Confluence

We have been using Atlassian products since 2013. In order to make the collaboration in our daily work even more efficient, our Atlassian App Team has already developed 10 of our own apps (plugins).

These plugins were created either by customer requests or by ideas from within our own company.

Do you have a specific request to make a process easier or do you need an extension to the standard functions? Then get in touch with us.

Create multi-page templates for Confluence

Page Tree Creator Pro

Wasting time trying to duplicate and recreate templates, blueprints and complex page trees?

Thanks to our Page Tree Creator Plugin this is a thing of the past.


Templates for area structures

Page Tree Creator (former Space Tree Creator)

Clear authorization templates, easy to use area structures and integration of Confluence variables into the templates as well as many other features.

Our Space Tree Creator Plugin.


A customized multifunctional drop-down menu

Easy Dropdown Menu

Save time with predefined drop-down selection menus and powerful report function for menu changes and other useful features.

Our Easy Drop Down Menu Plugin.


Translate Confluence content at the touch of a button

Easy Confluence Translator

Are you internationally active or do you often work with texts in foreign languages?

Then it would be an advantage to be able to translate a Confluence page at the push of a button.


Dynamic and user­defined variables

Easy Confluence Variables

A changing value is used 1000 times in a space felt and must be entered again and again. This is tedious and wastes precious time.

With our Easy Confluence Variables plugin it is possible to set a variable and change it once in a central location.


Sign your documents

Easy Document Signer

Stop the paper invasion and get everything done online. With our Easy Document Signer Plugin this is possible.

Discover all the features.


Atlassian App Development

What does not fit is made to fit

With a lot of joy, motivation and ambition our app developers work on new ideas, visions and projects to make their daily work more pleasant.

Do you have a suggestion, a request or just see a possibility for improvement?

Get in touch with our developer.

Philipp Frank
Philipp Frank
B.Sc. Informatics i.A.
Software Engineer
T +41 71 510 95 43

Simply delete Confluence pages and restore entire trees - quickly and securely

Page Tree Eraser

Deleting an entire page tree with all its subpages can be quite useful. But what to do if you want to restore the page tree?

Our Page Tree Eraser Plugin adds these functions to Confluence.


Export pages to PDF or Word at the touch of a button

OneOffixx Exporter

Do you need to export documents from Confluence to Word or PDF?

These documents should all have a header and footer or contain a company logo?

Then our OneOffixx Exporter Plugin is exactly what you need.


Display page content on multiple pages

Advanced Excerpts

Would you like to display a table, an image or specific text on another page?

You would expect that this display would change on the other pages as well when the original location is changed however, the control over updating is still up to you when using our Advance Excerpts plugin.