Mobile App with Xamarin for Android and iOS

Cross platform app development

EPS Software Engineering AG relies on Xamarin for app development. With Xamarin, over 75% of the source code for iOS and Android is shared. Thanks to the cross-platform development and the EPS library sets, software development projects can be realised within a short time - while saving costs at the same time.

The Xamarin app represents an investment protection - the app can be easily adapted for further app platforms in the future.

App development from EPS

App Placement

App development with Xamarin

UX Design with partner / designer of the customer

Concept & Consulting


100 meters under 6 seconds

Thanks to the EPS library set, the distance is no longer 100 meters but less than 60 meters. Or, to put it in technical terms: EPS employees can access many high-quality components and start directly with the specific functionalities of the customer app. In the past, EPS has been allowed to create complex mobile apps based on Xamarin and has also integrated C++ calculation DLLs in C#. MS Visual Studio is used as IDE and whenever possible, developed and tested under MS Windows. Due to these measures the micro development cycles are by factors faster and the efficiency increases enormously.

Manuel Eugster
Manuel Eugster
MAS FHO Software Engineering
Leader Mobile Development
T +41 71 914 40 61

iOS app development with Xamarin

The Google Play and App Store

You want your app to be listed on Apple and Google? We can do that. Thanks to development under Xamarin, the Android app can be ported to iOS with little effort. Thanks to the hybrid approach, the customer experience leaves nothing to be desired and your iPhone and iPad users feel right at home.
Of course, the same standards apply with regard to testing and quality and the infrastructure of EPS is "ready" for your app development.
And you, are you ready too?

Reto Meier
Reto Meier
M.Sc. ETH in Computer Science
Software Engineer
T +41 71 914 40 72

App Store Review Guidelines / Google Play Checklist

Outsourcing the app submission?

The app submission (Google Play and App Store) is laced with hurdles and therefore, involves a lot of effort. Gain valuable time with your specialists and leave this task to the EPS employees. These tasks can be outsourced without the creation of extensive specifications and are only marginally related to your business domain. To give you a feeling for the submission guidelines, we added some topics here for you: security, performance, design, legal, etc.


Fabian Binder
Fabian Binder
M.Sc. in Computer Science
Software Engineer
T +41 71 914 40 81
Truck driver app based on Xamarin for Android and iOS

BYOD - Truck Driver App

All drivers in sight! The Eberhard Unternehmungen's external driver app allows an increase in efficiency through the direct integration of external service providers into company processes. Thus, disposition, invoicing and all other processes can be handled in the same way as with internal vehicles (Nufatron board systems are installed here). To ensure maximum flexibility, the app is available in both the Google Play and App Store. For the app development EPS has used the Xamarin framework and the EPS library set to reduce the effort and thus the costs.

Drone app based on Xamarin for Android

Flight mission app for DJI drone

For many projects the exact 3D model of a specific section of the terrain is the basis. Such 3D models can be calculated with the help of aerial photographs. In order for these calculations to be efficient, the exact 3D position at the time of taking the photos is required in addition to the images, and the photos must overlap. All this information and calculations were requirements for the flight mission app. Flight control includes additional functions such as battery management, emergency interventions during the fully automatic mission flight, etc. The EPS staff took over the realization of the flight mission app based on Xamarin and the EPS library set and were able to meet both the deadline and cost templates.

Windows application based on .Net (Mono)

Measuring and projection app

Today's Windows application (until 2015 based on Mono, predecessor of Xamarin) takes over the control of the 3D measurement and projection sensor. The desired 3D point can be made via laser marking (red light spot) or live camera image. Measured points are displayed in the camera image. CAD data can be imported or exported using the DXF format. The application supports 25 different national languages and displays the measurements in all conceivable units of measurement. Furthermore, the application includes algorithms for the fast approach of points on a plane, i.e. wall, ceiling or floor and many other functions.

Hub-App with Xamarin, Android, Bluetooth, CAN-Bus, CANopen, ...

Logistics system including app

Information is the oil of the digital economy and that is exactly what the App. It supplies the scheduler and the driver and ensures smooth operations. In addition to recording performance via CAN bus, the app automatically reads the digital tachograph and the LSVA device. In this way, the dispatcher has access to the current conditions regarding the driver's work and rest time regulations (ARV) in the form of graphics. Decisions, such as placing additional orders, can thus be made with foresight and without later consequences (e.g. violation of the ARV). This app is also based on Xamarin and the EPS library set and thus benefits from reused components.


APP development with Xamarin

  • Concept and consulting
  • Design and programming from one source
  • App Programming with Xamarin
  • App placement / operation, support, update and maintenance

Concept and consulting

The experienced EPS software developers advise you on the conception, planning, implementation and distribution of your mobile app.