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World class collaboration

Confluence is probably the world's best product when it comes to efficient collaboration. To make your QMS / TQM quickly and easily available, it is worth considering the product Con-QMS for your implementation. Thanks to Con-QMS your organization is able to create process descriptions easily and quickly. Also the process implementation leaves nothing to be desired. There are EPS customers with over 700 process templates (created by about 100 different authors), which are used by over 10'000 users worldwide every day. In figures this means 5'000 read and 1'000 write accesses and documents of several 100 pages.

From the EPS point of view, these impressive values prove how efficient, easy to handle and fast your QMS / TQM or your ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 can be implemented.

Start a new epoch together with EPS today

Process Landscape

Surfing around the race

With the help of the process landscape or the process house, it is easy for both your process specialists and your users to get started. Thanks to the browser-supported application with graphic links, operation is as easy as surfing the web. This turns your QMS / TQM into an internal burner and you will be amazed how your employees want to make their contribution.

Do you have questions? We will gladly arrange a meeting with one of our reference customers.

QMS Navigation

Two clicks to your destination

The sophisticated navigation options of Con-QMS help your users find the desired information in less time and assists them to integrate extensions correctly into the existing structure. Thus, your QMS remains alive and up to date at all times. At EPS, for example, the opportunity management was seamlessly integrated. Even employee changes in the processes can be carried out effeciently - the system supports you optimally.

Pre- and filing management

Steering without noticing it

Thanks to Con-QMS and the Page Tree Creator you can guide your employees. The digital footpaths come in the form of buttons, forms, templates, step-by-step creation of pages, etc. The simplicity lies both in the realization or adaptability and in the application of the digital business processes. Your users always follow the same pattern.

  • Start task -> press button -> fill out the known fields in the form
  • Confluence page tree is created and further employees are notified
  • Subtask start -> press button -> fill out the known fields in the form
  • Start release process

Comala Workflow or Easy Confluence Signer

Versioning, traceability, release, training certificates etc.

The specialists at EPS have the most likely answers to all the common QMS keywords. Atlassian offers, besides Jira, more than 1'000 apps for Confluence via the marketplace. So your very special requirements can be realized with the help of these extensions together with the EPS product Con-QMS.

The references listed below give an insight into our rich experience. Start in the collaborative, digital age today and choose your desired channel. We are looking forward to it!

Tobias Kappeler
Tobias Kappeler
Graduate in Business Information Technology FH
Lead of Atlassian Team - Business Development
T +41 71 914 40 89
Social Intranet

Collaboration is so easy

Emil Egger Transport AG uses Confluence as intranet solution. This ensures a good quality management. With the project management software Jira it organizes its order processing and covers customer support with the help of the Jira Service Desk.

Quality Management

Reliable quality

Optics and efficient quality management simply belong together.

See for yourself how Mikrop AG is supported by Atlassian products.

Project management and documentation processing

Confluence / Jira with GitLab

Buhler Group uses Confluence for software development, product management, as a wiki solution and to create documentation and manuals. With Jira they design their project management, realize their software projects and use it actively in the documentation process.