User Experience Design and User Interface Design

It must look beautiful

Looking beautiful is only one part of the experience design. Admittedly it is important, but not everything. Today a product must be able to withstand many demands as the user wants to be able to use the product efficiently, quickly, with pleasure, error-free, etc. To achieve this, it is necessary to consider all dimensions of the design.

Text - Presentation - Situation - Time - Behaviour

design wireframe


Sketchy wire frame

The wireframe forms the basis for all subsequent activities and should never be omitted. Users can sense very quickly whether something follows a pattern or is simply a coincidence. The very idea of the MVP (Minimum viable product) tempts users to start quickly, which in the end costs a lot of money. The employees of EPS have already seen a lot, had their finger on the pulse of time and approached your challenges without prejudice. Best conditions?


Interaction Design

Five dimensions: Text, presentation...

The 5 dimensions include text, presentation, situation, time and behaviour. Text gives the most important clue and the presentation should help to support the other dimensions. The situation refers to the user: in the office, on the road, in the cold, in noise, etc. Time describes the logical sequence and behaviour of how the product reacts to user interaction. The following link takes you to the super source of inspiration Interaction Design Foundation.

Interaction Design
Ux design - Branding


Do we need the following input

As an organization, you most likely already own the branding. This serves us as input for the UI design. Often, all our designers need to do is point to your online presence and we can get started.

Visual Design, Layout and Modularity

We can also include css and html

With the help of a prototype based on CSS and HTML the graphical user interface can be tested live and don't worry, discussions about colours, fonts, etc. are common knowledge from the experience of EPS. The branding of your organisation is not up for discussion, but layout, arrangement of information and functions are in EPS's focus. Exactly this can be verified wonderfully on a prototype.

Visual Design, Layout, Modularity