Services are eating away at the software

The triad of Jira, Bitbucket and Bamboo is ideal for bringing development and operations closer together. But Github, GitLab, Git, Jenkins and Hudson are also on the EPS staff's list of experiences. We are happy to help you free your specialists from routine work as we take care of installation, maintenance, configuration, training etc. Contact us now and gain valuable productivity time for your specialists!

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Bitbucket, Bamboo, Certificate, APK, etc

The APK at the touch of a button

The process to a signed Android APK is complicated, but always exactly the same. A wonderful thing to automate and certainly not a core competence of your organization. How about delegating these and other tasks to us? Our specialists will be happy to do so!

Fabian Binder
Fabian Binder
M.Sc. in Computer Science
Software Engineer
T +41 71 914 40 81

Automation of Micro-Services

Every minute counts!

It's not a matter of life and death, but your customers expect almost uninterrupted availability of your services. In environments with more than 30 services, this is a real challenge and is apart of the underlying platform services. EPS employees were confronted with exactly these requirements in the Buhler Insights product. Do you also have such extensive systems?

Simon Eugster
Simon Eugster
M.Sc. ETH in Computer Science
Software Engineer
T +41 71 914 40 76


Bamboo and Jira - the duo

Bamboo integrates wonderfully with Jira. EPS was allowed to support Num AG in this project. And when will you give us your order so that your specialists can take care of the really important things?



More than 30 Micro-Services

The Buhler Insights project aims to achieve foodwaste through centralized plant monitoring. For such a large project, customized DevOps are required. Learn how these tools are used at Buhler AG.


Data Center test environment based on Docker

Who likes to wait?

Without performance testing environments, users are the ones who suffer and will sooner or later ensure that the...

That's exactly what EPS prevents with its docker structure in the release process of its Confluence apps for data centre environments. This allows test scenarios with 1, 2 and 4 servers (nodes). And how do you make sure that the patience of your customers is not strained?

Platform as a Service with Heroku

Outsourcing does the trick!

Micro-Services can be operated in many ways. EPS has chosen the path of outsourcing and uses the Heroku environment. The experience has been consistently positive and EPS will be happy to help you migrate your services to the Heroku platform. This way your specialists gain time for really important things in your organization.

Jan Frei
Jan Frei
B.Sc. Informatics
Software Engineer
T +41 71 914 40 73


Is the App Data Center ready?

Release processes can include performance tests on multiple nodes. EPS has solved these requirements in the case of the Atlassian Data Center Apps based on Docker environments. Thus, different test results on 1, 2 and 4 nodes have to be recorded and submitted. Of course with data sets of 100'000 users and 1'000'000 confluence pages. Impressive, isn't it?



Fully focused!

Which topics should and must the employees deal with?
Probably the focus should be on the things that make your organization different from the rest of the world. With the Atlassian cloud apps from EPS, this is the realization. Building a platform for operations is not part of it and that's why EPS relies on Heroku's Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) service. However, the monitoring of environment variables is part of the early warning system and should be in your own hands.

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