Web application based on EPS Micro-Services

EPS micro services provide tailwind

Thanks to the EPS Micro Services Library, your web application is created in no time at all. Only your specific requirements need to be realized with the help of additional services. The existing EPS micro-services can of course be adapted to your look and feel and this ensures that your customers only see your design. Furthermore, the EPS micro-services have been tested in detail and are therefore, of extremely high quality. With the technologies used, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, ASP. Net, .NET Core, Nuget, etc. we pay attention to a high distribution.

For all customers with very special requirements we are happy to create your tailor-made web application. In addition, the EPS employees are very much looking forward to the technologies used (e.g. Node.JS, SVG, etc).

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Implementation on the basis of EPS Micro Services

Concept & Consulting

UX Design with partner / designer of the customer

Realization of the customized Micro-Services

Staging, production and operation

EPS Micro Services

EPS Micro Services

Faster to your destination

Thanks to the reuse of existing EPS micro-services, such as touch-enabled GUI, user management, dashboards (reporting), notification (SMS, email, push, etc), localisation, logging, security, etc, EPS is able to implement your web application faster and with a higher quality. Basically, only your business processes need to be implemented in the form of additional services.

Would you also like to reach your in a more efficient way? Then you should have a conversation with Daniel Schippers.

EPS Micro Services and Libraries

DRY - Don't Repeat Yourself

Daniel Schippers is an advocate of the DRY principle. All activities should be carried out once at most. So a repeating functionality should be realised exactly once for all products. This principle has led to the development of the EPS Micro-Services Library. Of course, this requires that for each requirement to be realised, it is carefully considered how it is broken down into partial aspects. For example, the Look&Feel, etc. of the micro-services can be adapted.

Interested? Daniel Schippers is happy to provide detailed information about his hobby.

Daniel Schippers
Daniel Schippers
Dipl. Ing. FH
Head of Solution Software Development
T +41 71 914 40 78

JavaScript, TypeScript, NODE.JS and SVG

From A to Z - customer specific

No rule without exception - in the case of highly specific products, it may make sense to deliberately dispense with existing EPS micro-services. For example, for the product Pluto from Buhler. This control system for the mid-market is based on Node.JS & Scalable-Vector-Graphics (SVG) and was implemented completely specifically. Do you also need a tailor-made solution? Then Simon Eugster looks forward to discussing it with you.

Simon Eugster
Simon Eugster
M.Sc. ETH in Computer Science
Software Engineer
T +41 71 914 40 76


Reporting with security

Improvements to procedures and processes should only be made if the effects are visible. The reporting platform of our client LEP AG takes over the visualization of the effects and thus helps its clients (health care companies) to increase efficiency. Furthermore, the organizations can participate in the benchmark. To ensure that security and access to the data can be seamlessly controlled by LEP, it was decided to implement the reporting platform as a web application.



 Operation, configuration, programming in the browser

The vision of operating, configuring and programming systems completely in a web browser is indeed visionary! Together with EPS employees, B├╝hler AG has turned the whole thing into reality. To achieve the goal, the plant diagram was enriched with all necessary data. The solution also includes the plant configurator and the PLC code generator including download functionality. Based on Node.JS, TypeScript, Angular 6, SVG, MongoDB and OPC-UA, the international team implemented the web application and can be rightly proud of what they have achieved.



Off- and online full productivity!

Extend your CAQ Siemens with offline accessibility. Integrate your plant project managers via WPF Client. Synchronization takes place transparently in the background for your users. Used technologies are Microsoft BizTalk Server, C#, .Net, Mail.


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