Quality management ISO 9001

ISO 9001 certified since 1996

Guaranteed quality and safety is a matter of high importance to us - our ISO 9001 certificate proves this. At EPS, quality means driving projects forward efficiently and with optimum customer benefit. Our quality assurance system supports the team members in their daily work.

The QMS is available online and highly automated via the tool used and this guarantees that our employees can take care of the really important things!

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Audits, training, processes, etc.

Quality made easy

Martin Mayer has been responsible for our quality management system since 1996. In this time he has built up a lot of experience and knows, in detail, what is important. The individual business processes are managed by the respective process owners and in this way, EPS has ensured that quality is distributed among several heads and that the system is actually lived.

Martin Mayer
Martin Mayer
Dipl. Ing. HTL
CQO||QA Representative||Project Manager
T +41 71 914 40 62

Process environment

Our QMS start page

Our quality management system is documented in Confluence (Enterprise Wiki). Furthermore, the majority of QMS-relevant documents are created and maintained in this tool, e.g. customer quotations. The delivery of the offer is done as PDF, which is generated with the help of the Confluence app, OneOffixx Exporter. We were allowed to accompany our clients, ACS and Mikrop, during the implementation of their QMS based on Confluence. Do you have the same wish? Then call us today.