QMS / TQM consulting based on Confluence

Total quality Collaboration

Quality systems are only in full effect when in cooperation with all parties involved, such as your employees, suppliers and partners. For this reason, you should make sure that the collaboration of all parties involved in a process, is optimally supported.

Confluence is one of the world's best tools when it comes to team collaboration. Wouldn't it be fantastic if your QMS / TQM is based on Confluence? The EPS experts along with your product Con-QMS will accompany you with pleasure and professionalism. The following sections will give you an insight into the approach.

Inspiring Workshops

Start with lay out order

When is a workshop inspiring for you? When great ideas, bold visions, cool strategies, promising initiatives are found, evaluated and sent on their way. These are exactly what EPS experts are looking for to help you and your team move forward in the area of QMS / TQM. Of course, simple topics such as the structure of your Con-QMS / Confluence are also illuminated and roughly sketched.

Con-QMS installation, configuration and training

Push and go

Con-QMS can be easily imported as a range into your existing Confluence. This boost will give your project ISO 9001 / ISO 27001 / ISO 13485 certification the drive you need. You and your team can benefit from the advantages of Confluence collaboration from the very first minute. Process, role, risk and opportunity design or management can be excellently developed and recorded. Together with other apps (e.g. for addressing SQL and REST interfaces) you can turn your Confluence / Jira into the linchpin of your organization.

Tobias Kappeler
Tobias Kappeler
Graduate in Business Information Technology FH
Head of Atlassian Team - Business Development
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Process Design

Quality - whatever the cost!

Surely you know the original: We save - whatever the cost! But it is similar to the processes. There is no quality at any price and so the processes have to be adapted to the given situations. Tesla had to experience a famous example with the Model 3. Elon Musk remarked that the automation was probably exaggerated and thus, turned into the opposite. Take EPS to your side. Because process design for many industries opens the horizon and sharpens the view for the feasible! When do we start together?

Process Realization

Perfectly interlocking

Con-QMS, Page Tree Creator and, Comala Workflows are just a few of the apps that enable the realization of processes in Confluence. Some EPS customers show that they can build powerful process frameworks. There is a solution with more than 700 templates, which is used by about 8,000 employees worldwide. At this point it becomes clear that the process of improving the templates can no longer be done by mail and phone. The solution from EPS scales wonderfully, because EPS also uses its own solution for itself with around 60 employees. In actual fact it's the other way around: first there was the solution for EPS and then the solution for corporations was born!

Reporting with key figures

No improvement without measurement

What do you call improvement without measurement? In Swiss-German this is "pröbeln" and only rarely leads to the goal. The professional approach is to work out process key figures and then to drive them in the desired direction with suitable measures / improvements. EPS can support you both in the development of the key figures and in the design of the reports. For this purpose, third party systems can be integrated into Confluence to realize the required traffic light charts.