Numerous innovative products of our customers contain software from EPS as their core. Our engineers develop custom solutions in close cooperation with the teams on the customer side. Such collaborations between specialists from different areas produce unique results: Developments that only one of the two teams could not have created alone.

Engineering of software packaged in products is our original core area. Today's fields of application include device and machine operation, information systems, business industrial applications, and even mobile apps.



Comfortable new world

There is a lot of talk and writing about digitization. Specifically, do you want to adapt your products or your processes to market changes, or to make a new business model a reality? True to the motto, every product or service has to be better and easier than its predecessor? Then you are looking at the correct company. With our proficiencies listed below, we place all necessary core elements at your service, either as a total work of art or individually.


Concept and project development

Creative solution approaches

Inspiring ideas arise in individual minds - groundbreaking innovations are where these ideas come together to form a complete work of art. This sentence reflects the components for finding creative solutions. One of them should be experienced lateral thinkers. Exactly such consultants are available at EPS in different age groups and subject areas and they look forward to your challenge and problems. Put your cards on the table and book your first appointment with one of our specialists.

Christian Schmid
Christian Schmid
M.Sc. Informatics ETH Z├╝rich
T +41 71 914 40 64

Consulting, project management

Comprehensive advice

Whatever phase your project is in, EPS can help you with a full range of project management services including project leadership, resources and change management, communications, training, support and maintenance. We protect your investment through a transparent approach that is fully aligned with the needs of your project. We are also happy to provide our infrastructure in the form of Confluence, Jira, Bitbucket, etc.

Martin Mayer
Martin Mayer
Dipl. Ing. HTL
CQO||QA Representative||Project Manager
T +41 71 914 40 62


For the road

EPS Software Engineering AG relies on Xamarin for app development. Thanks to Xamarin, over 75% of the source code is shared between iOS and Android. The cross-platform allows software development projects to be realized quickly - while saving costs at the same time. The hybrid app represents an investment protection - the app can be easily adapted for further app platforms in the future.



Always online

Modern industrial plants orchestrate the interaction between master computer and machine control systems, with visualizations depicting the plant and production processes. Alarms and automatisms support the customer's processes and help to ensure error-free modern productive operation. Maximum automation, customer benefits and flexible modular systems are a matter of course.



Everything in view

Equipment and machine operators can best perform their tasks when they have access to exactly the right information at the right time. No more and no less. Real-time feedback in visual form helps to intervene efficiently and effectively in the process. Sophisticated algorithms improve utilization. All this is included in today's HMIs. And what does the future hold for us?


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Collect and analyse

Internet of things (IoT) is a broad term. For example, the million project and the dashboard for a trade fair are among our references. Our scope of services gives you the certainty that EPS can and wants to be both large and small. Industry 4.0, IoT, Predicted Maintenance, Artificial Intelligence etc. are no foreign words for us. Convinced? We would be happy to support you in developing the business model, planning and implementing your solution.



Calculating, planning, simulating...

Engineering tools help technical specialists to make their work easier, faster, more error-free and often executable at all. Most of the time the challenges are related to complex algorithms, distributed working, online/offline activities.

As a customer, you are in the best hands with the EPS employees, because they know that only close listening and detailed understanding leads to success. When can we help your specialists to master their daily challenges more efficiently, faster and more reliably?



In tandem

The triumvirate of Jira, Bitbucket and Bamboo is ideal for bringing development and operations closer together. But Github, GitLab, Git, Jenkins and Hudson are also on the EPS staff's list of experiences. We are happy to help you free your specialists from routine work. We take care of installation, maintenance, configuration, training etc. Contact us now and gain valuable working time with your specialists!



Teamwork is essential

We at EPS have been relying on the Atlassian product range for years. Based on our experience we can confirm with convictions that our teamwork has become smarter and more efficient. Would you also like to improve the cooperation in your team? Then you have come to the right place. We have been a licensed Atlassian Solution Partner and Power User for several years.



More than 1'300'000 users

Are the standard versions of Altassian products not enough for you?

Would you like to have specially made functions?

Very gladly. Our Atlassian App team has already developed ten own apps (plugins). We are also happy to implement very specific customer requests.

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