Control system including IoT based on .NET, React, Redux

One application - two needs

Soudronic AG builds and installs resistance welding solutions for a wide range of applications, especially for the metal packaging industry. In order to be able to offer the customer not only the welding solution but the whole production line, a line control system is developed which connects and visually displays all machines.

At this point we come to the point. In a cooperation lasting over two years we were able to gain important experience in the field of line control systems. The first production lines are in operation and the solution is continuously being expanded.

Development Tools

Control system including IoT based on .NET, React, Redux
Jörg Eugster
Jörg Eugster
Dipl. El-Ing. FH
Software Engineer
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Customer benefits

The company Soudronic AG has decided to cooperate with us for the following reasons:

  • Through our experience from other projects we can offer optimal support
  • We could provide additional resources