Visual programming

Create CNC programs quickly and safely

The Kellenberger company, specialized in the manufacture of cylindrical grinding machines, pushed the vision of taking the programming of its machine tools to the next level of abstraction for the benefit of its customers. For the machine operators, this means being able to create CNC programs easily, safely, quickly and at the same time error-free. By visually selecting the surfaces to be machined and determining the appropriate machining technology, the tedious typing of cryptic commands and time-consuming calculations are eliminated.

Development tools

Visual programing
Roland Spycher
Roland Spycher
Dipl. Ing. ETH
Product Manager «Solutions» Project Manager

  • Customer benefits
  • Project goals
  • Realization
  • Technology

Customer benefits

We could help the company Kellenberger in the following points:

  • Design and implementation of the software architecture and GUI
  • Design and implementation of all critical software components
  • Know-how transfer OOA to OOP
  • Introduction of infrastructure tools