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Even in numerically optimized and condensed timetables in highly technical railway operations, train delays are the most unpleasant events for every passenger. After all, who likes to be at the meeting point later than the agreed time. On the other hand, in this situation one inevitably deals with the question of when the next connecting train will be available. Thanks to updated passenger information displays, this vision has become reality. Because they not only show the actual departure time of the connecting train, but also the possibly changed arrival track of your own train. So rail passengers can continue to arrive at their destination in a relaxed manner.

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Roland Spycher
Roland Spycher
Dipl. Ing. ETH
Product Manager Ā«SolutionsĀ» Project Manager

  • Customer benefits
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  • Realization
  • Technology

Customer benefits

  • Design of the software architecture
  • Performance tests using a hardware prototype to determine the performance of software components (use of Qt or GTK)
  • Introduction of infrastructure tools