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Distributed project management

The company Burckhardt Compression, specialized in the production of piston compressors, gave EPS the order to realize the project management tool ProMa for the electrical department. The following areas of application were in the focus: recording and processing of projects, creation of the project-specific instrument list, maintenance of master data.

Project management software C# .Net WPF NHibernate Oracle

Project management software C# .Net WPF NHibernate Oracle
Roland Spycher
Roland Spycher
Dipl. Ing. ETH
Product Manager Ā«SolutionsĀ» Project Manager

  • Customer benefits
  • Project goals
  • Realization
  • Technology

Customer benefits

We were allowed to support the company Burckhardt Compression in the following points:

  • Complete product development from design, realization and installation to further development and maintenance
  • All tasks of software engineering
  • Selection of the software component
  • Use of EPS infrastructure for project management