EPS Software Engineering AG created the Confluence add-ons for its own needs. You are therefore in very good company as a customer and can rely totally on EPS.

Page Tree Eraser add-on

Delete Page Tree

Click the menu "Delete Page Tree" and the page tree is moved to the Trash Bin Space. Or, click the menu "Delete Multi-Page" and select the pages to delete. The number of hidden pages and undeletable pages are marked red.

Page Tree Eraser Plugin

No calls, no tickets, no backup restores

That's your new life with the Page Tree Eraser. Thanks to the "Undo Time" and the additional "Page Tree Deletion" permission you can optimize usability and security. And the Trash Bin Space recovers all scenarios.

Page Tree Eraser Plugin

Fair pricing

Compared to the working hours you and your end-users will save with the Page Tree Eraser, the price is more than fair.

Page Tree Eraser Plugin

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