TranSvias viewer

Style Guide

A style guide is an important element of the UI design process and specifies all the important data that a development team needs for the technical implementation of the design.

Using the style guide for the tranSvias viewer, we show what such a style guide can look like and what it contains.

Dorian Nedelcu
Dorian Nedelcu
B.Sc. Electrical and Computer Engineering
Software Engineer
T +41 71 914 40 53

  • Customer benefits
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Customer benefits

We can offer our customers the following advantages:

  • By working closely with our software departments, we know exactly what data is relevant to enable a smooth implementation of the design into software
  • Many successful UX/UI designs with high customer satisfaction
  • Experience in designing for desktop and mobile applications
  • Technical understanding
  • Broad portfolio of UX/UI designs, from industrial applications to IoT projects and consumer apps
  • Design according to software ergonomic standards (DIN EN ISO 9241)
  • Cost-effective implementation of the UI design thanks to our collaboration with EPSza
  • Close cooperation with the customer and short feedback cycles for optimal quality assurance
  • Very structured and transparent way of working and documentation of all work and decisions