Introducing Confluence

Maximize recurring users

Your new Confluence will be successful if you have as many returning users as possible, both consuming and producing. This blog post should give you ideas how you and your team can achieve this.

Our expert tips

  • Shifting from business processes to Confluence
  • Move general employee information such as rules and instructions to Confluence
  • Release employee communication with the help of a blog from Confluence
  • Customize Confluence to match your company's CI. This is how you create the "we" feeling
  • Set up a test area; new employees in particular can try out everything without worries
  • Provide structures and take care of your Confluence - who wants to voluntarily work in an unorganized system
  • Search and promote one power user per department
  • Provide content at the beginning and then do the on-boarding for all employees - true to the saying, all beginnings are hard

The following sections outline the implementation process and best practices for your Confluence instance.

Search of a Confluence expert team

Build experience yourself?

Of course, you and your team can build up the knowledge and experience in dealing with Confluence on your own, but it might be a very rocky road.

It is better to get an experienced Confluence expert team (not to forget the other products from the Atlassian stack like Jira, Bitbucket and Bamboo) on board. Pay attention to the following features:

  • Ability to listen and inspire
  • Does the team cover all the skills mentioned in this blog post?
  • Are the references convincing?
  • Have a conversation with existing customers, if necessary

Certified Atlassian experts (Best Practices)

References reflect experience

The EPS Confluence team has successfully implemented dozens of projects together with customers. Sometimes the process described here was followed from A to Z, other times only single best practices were applied.

This is another strength of working with EPS: listening carefully and adapting the approach afterwards.

And when can we listen to you exactly?

Tobias Kappeler
Tobias Kappeler
Graduate in Business Information Technology FH
Head of Atlassian Team - Business Development
T +41 71 914 40 89


Processes, CD/CI, structure, organization

In joint workshops we first determine the business processes to be mapped. Furthermore we discuss the CD/CI of your Confluence. The structure and organization of your Confluence is determined by access authorizations, scalability, structuring of your processes and products and your organizational form. Possible business processes:

  • All processes of your QMS
  • Internal and external projects
  • Documentation of the IT and its processes
  • Preparation of offers
  • Protocols, disposition plans, partner, risk, opportunity, knowledge management

Installation and licensing advice

Cloud, Data Center or Server

You want to get started as soon as possible and with ease? Then the Cloud could be your choice.

You need a solution that scales and guarantees very high availability? In this case the data center solution might be the right choice.

Connection to Active Directory, Azure Active Directory or LDAP connection is a must and other data sources should be tapped. However, updates and patches can be installed in the evening or on a weekend - then there is a lot to be said for the server solution.

We will ask these, and other questions, to find the best solution for you.

Configuration and adjustments

Implementation of the CD/CI, areas and structure

We recommend to adapt your Confluence to your Corporate Design / Identity in the best possible way. Only then will your employees feel at home and view your Confluence instance as their environment and will do their best to maintain the content.

To realise a quick and easy implementation of the CD/CI, we recommend to use an app/plugin. You can choose between the Enterprise Theme, the Refined Theme or the Linchpin Theme.

In all areas, questions such as access authorisations and user groups arise. The hierarchical structure is derived from your organisational, product and R&D structure.

Process Design

Templates, buttons and storage

This is EPS at its best - we moved all our account creation to Confluence. Employee dossiers, process documentation, product development and all project documentation including quote generation are now written in Confluence. As a software engineering company we have realised a framework of apps that are also available for you via the Atlassian marketplace. The most important app is the Page Tree Creator. With it, all kinds of templates can be created, including NDAs, offer templates, scheduling plans, etc.

Let is assist you to automate your processes with Confluence and the PTC plugin


We make power users

We want to take your business further! For this reason, we make sure that all important installations, configurations, adjustments, etc. are done together with one of your employees whenever possible. True to the motto - Train the Trainer!

But we are also happy to take over the broad training with the help of our certified Atlassian experts.

You may have individual tasks which you would like to hand over in the form of an all-round carefree package. We will be happy to take over these tasks to free up time for your employees.