Platform as a Service

Heroku is a cloud platform that allows developers to deliver their applications in virtual containers. With a staging & production system, quality assurance can be carried out in a test system before going live.

We use Heroku to provide our cloud applications for Atlassian. We have integrated Heroku into our CI/CD process.

So that you don't have to worry about the provision and setup of server infrastructures, we would be happy to help you to put the Heroku platform into operation.

Heroku, PaaS, Platform, Applikationen, Cloud, Micro Service

Heroku, PaaS, Platform, Applikationen, Cloud, Micro Service
Jan Frei
Jan Frei
B.Sc. Informatics
Software Engineer
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Customer benefits

With Heroku, the deployment of software becomes much more convenient. The complete maintenance and continuous updates for security and functional improvements are handled by Heroku.

The software team can therefore concentrate on the important work.