Chatter mark analysis APP based on maui for android and ios

Evaluating chatter marks made easy!

Steinemann Technology AG is one of the leading suppliers of sanding systems for the wood-based panel industry and stands for first-class service quality.

In order to be able to analyse chatter marks even faster and more efficiently and to assign their causes, the Steinemann app for the evaluation of chatter marks was developed.

EPS Software Engineering AG was allowed to implement the existing app from scratch in MAUI, the Mutli-Platform App UI from Microsoft, and also introduce some improvements in the design for a better UX/UI.

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Laila Cursaro
Laila Cursaro
B.Sc. Virtual Realities
Software Engineer
T +41 71 914 60 61

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Customer Benefits

Steinemann Technology AG was able to benefit in particular from the following points:

  • We brought with us many years of experience in the implementation of mobile apps
  • Based on our mobile app template, the functionality of the existing app could be quickly and cost-effectively replicated in MAUI.
  • Thanks to our experience in UX/UI, the design of the app could be upgraded during the re-implementation without additional costs