CAQ Siemens available offline via WPF client

Capture IRs offline thanks to WPF client

The CAQ Siemens does not have an offline solution that would allow for the recording of installation complaints (IR) on site. The CAQ Offline Solution closed this gap. Complaints can now be recorded electronically without an Internet connection. Furthermore, the Offline Solution makes it possible to upload complaints after they have been submitted to CAQ, including attachments and status reports. To date, 140,000 IRs have been processed using the Offline Solution.

The whole was realized by EPS on the basis of the following components:

WPF Client (UI for plant project managers),

CAQ Business WebService (located in the DMZ and provides customer-specific access security),

CAQ Business Service (template management, synchronization to CAQ Siemens based on BizTalk),

CAQ Web Frontend (Create projects, documents and installation complaint templates for plant project managers)

René Zülli
René Zülli
Dipl. Ing. FH
Software Engineer
T +41 71 914 40 69

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Customer benefits

The customer decided to work with EPS for the following reasons:

  • No own software team
  • Urgency of the project and EPS's known adherence to deadlines
  • Successful completion of numerous other projects
  • Use of EPS known technologies
  • Experience with tricky challenges