Truck driver app based on Xamarin for Android and iOS

Smartphone as ERP front-end

Eberhard AG is a leader in the construction and environmental markets. The Eberhard Unternehmungen's own fleet of vehicles has been using the Nufatron telematics solution, which is permanently installed in the vehicles, for years.

Depending on their workload and requirements, the various Eberhard Unternehmungen work together with external transport companies and truck drivers. In order to integrate these digitally into the logistics process, the external driver app for iOS and Android was implemented and placed in the Google Play and App Store. To minimize the effort and thus the costs, EPS used Xamarin and the EPS library set. Thanks to Xamarin there was no need to reimplement for iOS and thanks to the EPS library set many standard functions such as user management, localization, logging, etc. could be reused.

Xamarin Android iOS smart phone tablet

Thomas Felix
Thomas Felix
Dipl. El.-Ing. HTL / Wirtschaftsingenieur NDS FH
Software Engineer
T +41 71 694 55 65

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Customer benefits

The Eberhard AG decided to cooperate with EPS for the following reasons:

  • EPS brought years of experience in programming with Xamarin
  • Inserting the EPS Library set