Drone app based on Xamarin for Android

Drone tablet becomes Mission Control Center

Leica, a subsidiary of the Hexagon Group, is the leading manufacturer of precision instruments. The Leica Aibot CX UAV solution captures images from the air. In post-processing, a 3D model is calculated from these images.

In order to use this drone for professional applications, an application is needed that can be used on the tablet of the remote control.

For the development of this application we were allowed to consult the company Leica and support them in the implementation.

Xamarin Android Dji drone

Xamarin Android Dji drone
Laila Cursaro
Laila Cursaro
B.Sc. Virtual Realities
Software Engineer
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Xamarin Android Dji drone
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Customer benefits

The company Leica could be supported by us in the following points:

  • We brought knowledge in the field of Xamarin
  • With our know-how we could set up a feasibility analysis and advise the company Leica