A Journey of Innovation and Connections

EPS at Atlassian 24 | Las Vegas

In the vibrant metropolis of Las Vegas, we (Philipp Frank William Erasmus and Tobias Kappeler) experienced the highly anticipated Atlassian Team'24 event from April 29 - May 2, 2024. As proud participants of this event, we had the opportunity to present not only EPS but also our Atlassian plugins at our booth.

In addition to many exciting discussions, the conference offered a mixture of informative presentations and workshops. 

Atlassian also took the opportunity to announce new products:

Rovo - Smart Robotic Assistant

Rovo is based on Atlassian intelligence and accelerates the discovery, learning, and acting of information scattered across different tools.

New All-in-one Version from Jira

This version combines functions from Jira Software and Jira Work Management. In addition, functions for target management are integrated, which are included in the Atlas product.

AI workflows from LOOM

With this AI-powered feature, you can turn your videos into Jira issues, Confluence pages and step-by-step guides. Too good to just leave out!

Personal Experience and City Adventures

But Las Vegas wouldn't be Las Vegas without the incomparable pleasure that the city offers! Away from the hustle and bustle of the event, we immersed ourselves in the exciting atmosphere of the city. From evening strolls through the famous hotels to culinary highlights, our stay in Las Vegas was a truly memorable experience.