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EPS Software Engineering AG has been around for many years and has experience in adapting to changes in the industry as well as the marketing of certain products or services. With this experience comes knowledge and with knowledge comes expertise. EPS has the resources and tools to assist you in the digital marketing of your business.

Not only can we assist with making the software / products you need, but we can assist you in selling it too!

If you are ready to get your marketing going you can immediately download our full brochure at the bottom of the page:

Social Media Benchmarking

We analyse and compare to your competitors

CHF 380.- per month

Social media benchmarking means that EPS will analyse your company's current social media presence, compare it to your competitor's social media presence and then suggest social media platforms and tools that your business should be using in order to remain competitive in your industry.


Social Media Plattform Management

We take over and help build your brand

CHF 740.- per month

Social media platform management means that EPS will take over your current social media accounts to optimise the marketing opportunity on that platform. This allows you to be comfortable knowing an experience marketer is assisting in building your brand name. You still approve the content and are made aware of marketing results at the end of each month.


Specialised LinkedIn Marketing

Not just a business networking platform

CHF 990.- per month

We have a specialised LinkedIn marketing package as LinkedIn is an online tool that can be used to build your brand name, connect on a deep level with consumers, build partnerships with other companies, and to market your products. It is a very versatile platform that should be used for all companies in any industry. The marketing team at EPS uses LinkedIn on a daily basis to build the EPS brand.


English is our mother tongue

South Africa is just around the corner

The South African marketing specialists of EPS have English as their native language . In addition, they are virtually right next to you via the Internet and the same time zone. For efficient collaboration we can also provide you with our Confluence and Jira platforms.

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Geena Rose Kolbé
Geena Rose Kolbé
Digital Marketing

Google Ads

3.8 million searches every minute

CHF 290.- per month

Google Ads is a SEM tool that is used to advertise your company’s products or services on the google search engine. Google ads is an advert that is displayed on google search engine when consumers search specific keywords, that you chose to describe your product/service. You can specify a range of different requirements such as location, demographics, keywords etc in order to make sure your ads are shown to the correct target market. Google Ads also works on a pay-per-click system therefore, you only pay for your advert if it is clicked on by a consumer and this is why Google Ads is a great tool to use for marketing.


Additional Content Creation

We create Graphics, Videos, GIFs, etc.

CHF 30.- per Post

Alongside your Social Media Platform or Specialized LinkedIn marketing package you can request additional services: such as Meme Creation, blog posts, promotional GIFs and videos and additional posts on existing platforms.

As your company grows and your marketing by EPS shows results you may want to add on a few extras to boost sales and brand awareness. You can add some more services from our list to your existing package, making the package more suited to your needs as a company.

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