Consulting on the Atlassian products

Services around the Atlassian Stack

With its wide range of products and its universally applicable software solutions, Atlassian is suitable for almost all industries and company sizes.

Are you interested in a solution with an Atlassian product? Then you are in good hands with us.


How we support you


Creative solution approaches

  • Free initial consultation
  • Analysis of your requirements
  • Realization
  • Consulting for individual adaptations
  • Individual configurations
  • Technical advice for finding solutions
  • Workshops
  • After sales


Getting started

  • Installation
  • Data migration
  • Configuration
  • Design adjustments


Knowledge transfer

  • Employee training
  • Administrator Trainings
  • Individual trainings
  • Training documents

Free of charge presentation


Workshops & Configuration



App development

Feature extension

  • App development
  • Individual solutions


Together for success

  • Health check
  • Carefree package
  • Updates
  • Proof of concept (PoC)
  • Certificates (SSL\TLS)
  • Hosting
  • System maintenance
  • Security support

Service Desk

We are at your service

  • Helpdesk for customer queries
  • FAQ self-service, knowledge database

License purchase

Everything licensed

  • License Management
  • Contact an Atlassian licensing expert
  • Easy management

Consulting and training


Have we sparked your interest? Do you have burning questions about Atlassian products?

We would be pleased to advise you. In a first free meeting all your questions can be clarified and our support does not end with the consultation. After the installation and configuration of the Atlassian products has been done, we organize a training for the administrators as well as for all users to ensure smooth implementation.

Tobias Kappeler
Tobias Kappeler
Graduate in Business Information Technology FH
Lead of Atlassian Team - Business Development
T +41 71 914 40 89


Data Center or Server

Have you decided on the best collaboration software and do you need an installation or an update?

We are happy to support you. With our experience we are the perfect partner. Not only for the installation but also for the entire maintenance as soon as the system is used productively in operation. If important updates are available, we will take care of it and in addition, a health check can also be carried out on your system on request to achieve maximum performance.

Raphael Vogt
Raphael Vogt
B.Sc. Informatics
Atlassian Certified Professional
T +41 71 914 40 57

EPS Service

EPS provides support and service for all Atlassian products. Please contact us.