EPS Software Engineering AG is your competent partner when it comes to consultation, design, analysis, development, testing, documentation and maintenance of software in the technical environment.


For us, quality means providing exactly the right service. By this we don’t mean as much or as good as possible. We mean: Exactly right. Ultimately, any unnecessary or unplanned work step comes at the expense of quality. Our quality management system helps us to constantly improve our processes and avoid errors.

The EPS-QS is based fundamentally on the Alpha Project Line® (APL) project management procedure. On one hand, this procedure covers all the requirement of ISO 9001:2008 as a method and includes a clear division between management and realisation functions. In this way, software projects are divided into manageable phases, allowing us to define the expected work result beforehand. As a result, the project is transparent and comprehensible for you as the client at all times.