EPS Software Engineering AG is your competent partner when it comes to consultation, design, analysis, development, testing, documentation and maintenance of software in the technical environment.


In many respects, EPS is your ideal partner when it comes to software engineering. In this way, EPS is one of the largest, independent software developers in Eastern Switzerland. This size not only guarantees stability and continuity. It also ensures the best possible organisation and a modern infrastructure.

At the same time, we are small enough to be flexible, efficient and personal. Guaranteed quality and security are par for the course for us – our ISO-9001 certificate has vouched for this since 1996 and we have also been certified in accordance with the new standard since the beginning of 2008. For us, quality means pushing forward with projects efficiently and with the highest customer benefits. In addition, our quality assurance system supports team members in their daily work.

At EPS, our experience collected over more than forty years combines with the current expertise of our motivated employees. This gives us the certainty to deal with complex tasks. In addition, our operation in a wide range of applications allows us to view new projects without bias and develop innovative solutions.



We are large enough...

  • Knowledge
  • Continuity
  • Infrastructure

We are small enough...

  • Flexible
  • Efficient
  • Personal