Engineering and business tools - Cases

Global price list

The die-casting machinery business division of Bühler AG wanted to provide its sales personnel with a tool for rapid pricing. Global availability was the focus, ruling out an online connection to the existing product configurator. For this reason, EPS was commissioned to develop a pricelist based on Microsoft Excel.

Project management tool


Burckhardt Compression, which specialises in the manufacture of piston compressors, gave EPS the task of realising the ProMa project management tool for the electronics department. The following fields of use were the focus here: Recording and processing of projects, creation of project-specific instrument lists, maintenance of master file data.



Coordination and simulation

For and in close collaboration with Burckhardt Compression, manufacturer of piston compressors, EPS developed a tool for cross-site project work as well as a measurement and simulation tool.

Offer reporting system

Optimised creation of reports and forecasts for suppliers – EPS developed a tool for this purpose, which allows our customer, ABB Schweiz AG, to increase its productivity.

Monitoring and safeguarding tool

The applications form the ISPEN series are used to monitor and safeguard the operation of extra high voltage networks (220 and 380 kV).