The embroidery industry on its way into the digital age

BERNINA Stichout App

Can companies in the embroidery industry move into the digital space? Absolutely. For years, the embroidery industry was synonymous with manual labor that required manual control over machines and careful monitoring of the embroidery process. 

However, as technology advances, companies such as Bernina International AG, a leading global manufacturer of sewing and embroidery machines, are breaking new ground and taking the age-old industry into the digital era.

The introduction of BERNINA Stitchprecision2 technology, exemplified by the innovative B790 Pro, catapults the industry into the digital age. This new technology not only offers maximum precision and total stitch control, but also includes a revolutionary app developed in collaboration with EPS Software Engineering Services that pushes the boundaries of traditional embroidery equipment. The app integration allows users to seamlessly monitor the embroidery process from their cell phone. The B790 Pro not only offers precise stitches, but also new features for quilting and sewing. This holistic approach ensures that Bernina not only adapts to digital trends, but helps shape them, offering a comprehensive solution that meets the diverse needs of modern users.

Bernina's is an example of how the embroidery industry can successfully make the transition into the digital space. The combination of craftsmanship and technology, supported by EPS' software solutions, not only preserves the essence of embroidery but also enhances it, making it more accessible and efficient for both professionals and enthusiasts.

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