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Marketing mediums: Traditional Marketing

Now that you know what marketing is and why we need it, we are going to dive into the different types of marketing mediums and the tools / platforms used for each type of marketing. In this blog post we will be talking about Traditional Marketing so prepare yourself for a slight walk back in time.

Traditional marketing

What is it and what are the types?

What were the standard marketing platforms before we had the internet? Some of these tools are still in use today however, they serve a different target audience. Traditional marketing includes the following tools:

  • Newspaper
  • Radio
  • Flyers / Brochures
  • Cinema adverts
  • TV adverts
  • Telemarketing

Newspaper Advertising

The most classic of them all

Newspaper advertising says it all in its name - you place an advert in the newspaper to sell your plumbing services, your cosmetics brand products, etc. It was simple, people knew where to look for what they needed and competition was based mainly on where your advert was placed and your PRICE. From the 50's to the beginning of the 90's newspaper was a relatively stable advertising platform however, once the internet was invented newspaper sales slowly started to decline.

Is there still a market for newspaper advertising? YES! Just make sure who your target audience is first.

Tip for print newspaper : Your audience is 40+ year olds

Tip for online newspaper : Your audience is 18 - 65 year olds

Radio Advertising

"Today's lucky draw was sponsored by"

Radio advertising started way back when and continues today. The difference is that instead of an advert that ends in "call us on ...." It's more along the lines of “visit our website” OR an advert that simply ends without a call to action, but a catchy phrase or tune to cause you to remember the advert. Radio started as a way to generate sales and get new clients however, nowadays radio's purpose in advertising seems to have shifted to brand awareness and brand retention with the hope that it will lead to a sale now OR in the future. Another popular use of radio is to sponsor some sort of charity or game on the radio and then have the presenters mention your brand name.

Is there still a market for radio advertising? YES! But keep in mind it will be used for brand awareness, retention, and trust more than instant sales.

Flyer / Brochure Advertising

Paperless is the new paper

Flyers / Brochures have unfortunately died out unless you are promoting university parties, which we can safely assume you, the reader, aren't. Apart from the fact that people just dump the flyers in their bag / car without reading them, they do not promote the increasing world view of being environmentally friendly. Every day, more and more big companies such as Nike, LG and L'Oreal are attempting to become 100% environmentally friendly therefore, it has become the norm to not buy from companies who do not look after the planet. Yes, some flyers and brochures can bio-degrade quicker than others but in general, people don't see flyers and brochures as the best way to be eco-friendly.

Is there still a market for physical flyers / brochures? In my opinion, no. Replace a physical flyer / brochure with a digital one!

Cinema Adverts

Half-price Movie Monday

Cinema adverts are still alive and kicking as an advertising platform however, how effective are they for their cost? Before the pandemic of 2020, when last did you go to a movie? If it was recent think about how OFTEN you went to a movie ... now do you think, as an advertiser, you are getting your money's worth with a cinema advert?

My opinion is no, based on two reasons -

# 1 - Many people are late for their movie and miss the adverts

# 2 - Cost VS exposure, HIGH costs, LOW exposure

Is there still a market for cinema adverts? Yes, but at a high cost. ONE industry that excels with cinema adverts is the film industry, as they preview upcoming movies.

TV Advert

"Live in 3..2..1"

TV adverts are just as effective today as they were when they first started and even though they are expensive when you are looking at a prime time, compared to cinema adverts, they have high exposure. Food adverts always seem to pop up around 5:30 pm - the same time you get home from work and are thinking “what should we make for dinner?”... Smart, we know.

Our only concern would be popular platforms that are popping up like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. People find these platforms more affordable than TV and this effect has resulted in some customers between the ages of 16 to about 50, stopping their TV licenses / subscriptions.

Is there still a market for TV advertising? YES! Make sure you get the right channel and time slot.


Call with caution

Telemarketing is a bit of a sensitive topic worldwide at the moment as it connects directly to private information. Some countries have started “opt out" lists making it against the law for telemarketers to contact you. Telemarketing however, has its perks.

# 1 - it allows you to directly speak to the customer, which is more personal than an email

# 2 - Cost effective as it doesn't cost much too pick up the phone and call

Is there still a market for telemarketing advertising? YES! If you make sure you are responsible with your calls

-Geena Kolbé, July 2020

Keep a look out for our next episode - digital marketing mediums!

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