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QMS and Confluence

While B2C vending is often more concerned with value (or rather price), in the B2B sphere, clients are looking for quality above all things. Clients are prepared to pay for quality because without quality, there is no value. Confluence offers a simple to use and effective quality management system for every company.

Why QMS matters?

Your standard of quality

QMS provides guidelines for every team and individual within an organization, and ensures that the same standards are applied throughout. A measure of the importance of QMS is the number of systems that have sprung up around them.

This can lead to confusion amongst potential clients, and as a result, international standards: such as ISO 9001 have been instituted and have gained widespread recognition and acceptance.

QMS and company culture

The people behind the quality

To be truly effective, a QMS must become part of your company's culture. Quality needs to be second nature to your team members in the same way that health and safety should be.

Only when QMS achieves complete acceptance amongst your workforce, and is integrated into every single thing that your enterprise does.

What QMS does

The benefits?

QMS lets you achieve the following goals:

  • Compliance with all applicable regulations and legislation;
  • Ensuring that all products and processes are fit for purpose;
  • Ensuring that all team members receive the necessary training;
  • Designing processes that enable quality outcome;
  • Documenting and collecting evidence of quality assessments;
  • Measuring and managing quality;
  • Adjusting to changing circumstances;
  • Carrying out remedial actions as necessary; other
  • Improving quality on a continuous basis - QMS should be seen as an evolutionary process, rather than a static assessment or snapshot.


Our offer to you

At EPS, we take a holistic approach to QMS and recognize that it can only be effective once 100% stakeholder buy-in and compliance is achieved. This requires an enhanced degree of collaboration from everyone involved.

We aim to help you achieve TQM - Total Quality Management - through Confluence - a world-class collaboration tool that can drive your approach to quality to unprecedented heights.

One you have adopted Confluence in your organization - with the assistance of EPS experts, incredible QMS benefits will flow. These include more inspiring quality workshops and more easily achieved quality certifications.

This in turn will lead to better, quality-focused process design and realization, plus workflow management and capturing and assessing key quality metrices.

Read more about our QMS offering

As an Atlassian Solutions Partner, EPS can offer a suite of apps designed to work within Confluence and deliver integrated, flexible and replicable quality solutions.
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