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Marketing strategy for your industry

Marketing strategies include everything from goals, to budget to the plan-of-action. Before you start thinking about the types of marketing tools you would like to use you need to outline your goals and objectives as this will shape your entire strategy and is what we call in marketing, the golden thread.

Who is your target market and what efforts reach them?


Your first step would be to identify your target market in terms of a few aspects, namely; age, gender, occupation, geography etc. The more specific you are, the better!

Then write it in one sentence, e.g. We are aiming our marketing efforts to male and female HR department employees between the ages of 18-45 who live in New Zealand. Then you need to brainstorm what type of marketing they would be exposed to.

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What marketing tools for your products/services?

Get your brand out there

Just because there are multiple marketing tools doesn’t mean your company should be using all of them. Some tools are not ideal for advertising certain products/services. For example; An artist would not sell their art on a site that does not allow photos or dog groomers would not use LinkedIn to sell their services as their service has to do with an individual’s personal life not their professional life.

What type of content should you use/create?

Content is key

This is a very important topic and should be well considered. You should use your marketing content to promote your company products & services (this is obvious) but also content that shows your company values, industry related articles, world news and any company news. You should never post something that is completely unrelated to your industry.

An example of good content; A software engineering company posting an article about a new software program that will save time and money in building mobile apps. An example of bad content; A software engineering company reposting a blog about the 9 ways to keep your dog from shedding.

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Who are your competitors and what tools do they use?

Who is in the race

Always know who your competitors are and what marketing tools they are using as you need to use them as well (unless that platform/tool has the complete wrong target market).

It can sometimes be difficult to beat your competitors at being more successful using a certain marketing tool/platform but as long as you are using the same tool, you should be able to plan how to get to the top (or close to).

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How do you get a step ahead of your competitors?

First place is the goal

The more difficult question on this blog post so we suggest you leave this task to the marketing team at EPS, they will make sure your marketing strategy is beneficial for your company.

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