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Marketing mediums: Events

A marketing or PR event is a planned occasion where your company invites outside parties to attend an event which informs/interests these parties in your products or services.

Why are marketing/PR events effective?

You are cordially invited to

Firstly, everyone loves to attend a free event and secondly, feel special so that is exactly what your company should plan to give each of the guests attending. You have planned an event either to inform people about a product / services, or interest them in purchasing, donating, etc. So make sure the purpose of your event is clear to all staff involved, invitees and in any presentations / talks you give.

These events are effective as people are outside the work environment (therefore, more relaxed) as well as distracted from any marketing efforts from your competitors, you have their full attention. Use the time wisely.

One-on-one events

A successfull business dinner

A one-on-one event is more likely to be your CEO / executive taking a potential or existing client to dinner in order to interest them in a new product / service that is on offer or to strengthen the relationship. The one-on-one time makes the customer feel special and lets them know that their business and support means a lot to your company thus, making them easier to connect to.

These events tend to cost a lot for only one person’s interest therefore, these events should be on customers with big potential.

Small scale intimate events

A strategic get-together

This type of event is for a group of current and potential customers you know are in the same type of industry. People will mingle which also allows your current customers to tell your potential customers why your product/services is for them without it coming from your mouth. This event can be a cocktail event hosted at your offices or a pre-planned brunch at a local restaurant.

Let your current customers be your spokespeople.

Mass events

Buy your ticket at the door

Mass events are usually arranged to kill many birds with one stone. A large group of people, that you may or may not known, receiving information and what they do with that info, is very much up to them. You will not get personal time with each person at these types of events therefore, it is imperative that you have a timeslot where you stand up to present, inform and interest all parties. If you are attending a large event on behalf of your brand make sure you take capable employees along that can mingle and make relationships with clients, as one person will not be able to fully connect with each visitor.

Online events

Live stream us right from your couch

And we are back to the new digital age. Online events, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, have become the norm for many companies. Not only does this method save a lot of costs, it is also easier for people to join if they are not in the same city or even country as the event thus, a bigger turn out. Online events are usually recorded as well which allows people in different time zones to view them on their own schedule. However, the biggest downfall I suspect to come with online events is that many people feed off of face-to-face interaction, which builds trust, and their sales skills cannot be used appropriately online. It is almost as difficult to make an online sale as it is to convince someone to buy your product over email.

Events types

For every occasion

There is a type of event for every need, you just need to know which to use and how to really optimize the time you have with clients at each event.

Last tip would be to always plan events in advance as an unorganized event will always have at least one slip up and that slip up could cost you most than just money.

- Geena Kolbé, September 2020

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